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Hi, I am Chris Richter,

Along with my daughter Jasmine, we would like to teach you. 

How to write a song in three days

Instead of writing a song every 3 YEARS let’s see if you can write a song in 3 DAYS.

How long has it taken you to write just 1 song?

Writing a song can be overwhelming. And I’m here to tell you that it’s not your fault. You see, the music industry wants you to believe that writing a song requires a collection of at least 5 high profile singers/songwriters and a studio full of gear and musicians to write a great song.. and this can all get overwhelming.

Straight forward and easy to follow I will put this into practice and try some lyrics with your backing track


The challenge: Let’s write a song in only 3 days

However, there is a solution. Over the past 6 years I have taught over 2000 people how to write a song in 3 days. And they have written some great songs. 

And now I have some great news. I’ve distilled everything I can into a short, focused, day by day video course called “How to write a song in 3 days”.

By showing you how a song is constructed and teaching you the musical skills that are essential to the form of a song, I can get you writing a song in only 3 days. It is a bit like giving you the utensils and recipe to make a cake. Once you know the basics you can start being creative and make your own masterpieces. In this course, my daughter and I take you through step by step how we write and create a song that will give you the 3 day plan to cook up your own song. 

Chris takes the listener on a guided tour through the creative swamp of expressing human experience in words and music. You can hear how his thought process interacts with ideas, and how having a conceptual framework can help mold these often abstract thoughts into order. If you want a structured methodology to help kick-start your inspirational or creative juices into the realm of song writing… you should do this course.

David G

What is in it for me?

In the course Jasmine and I will guide you through a session of songwriting while at the same time explaining the theory and skills you will need to make your own song. 

Not only do we show you how to write a song in three days, but we also give you a bonus course explaining the basic structure of a song and an even more detailed explanation of how chords work specifically designed for songwriters. 

This is not just one course but a set of 3 courses designed just for songwriters like you. 

What would life be like if you could write your songs in less time and understand what you are doing when creating a song. I’m sure you can see how powerful a course like this is.

Will I need a contract with a major label to afford this course?

Quite simply – No…. 

I know you are wondering, “how much will this cost me?” Well, when I taught this very same process to my private clients, they paid over $500USD. 

I thought long and hard about how much I should sell this course for. Here’s the deal, I want to create as many success stories as possible. So, you’re not going to pay $500USD. You won’t even pay half that, $250USD.

When you sign up today, you’ll receive instant access to the entire ‘Write a song in 3 days” package of courses for just one easy payment of $57USD. This includes the bonus courses “The basic structure of a song” and “Understanding chords for songwriters”.

Just click the button below to get started.

I loved this course, it really helped me a lot. Time to make songs!!

Carolina D

There is a bonus for when you complete the course

As an extra bonus, once you have completed the course, send me a video of you singing or playing a song you wrote in 3 days and I will give you free access to the “Learn to play guitar for beginners in 10 weeks” course or I can add you to the waitlist for the new course “Learn to play piano in 10 weeks” which is coming soon. Whichever course you choose you will get over 2.5 hours of video training teaching you how to play and giving you the skills that will make you a better musician which will in turn make it easier for you to write more awesome songs.

Is this course right for you?

If you are right at the beginning of your songwriting journey and don;t know where to start or if you have tried writing a few songs but have struggled, then this course is perfect for you. 

If you play a little bit of guitar or a little bit of piano then you’re the perfect songwriter for this course. 

The course will take you less than an hour to work through but if implemented, it will save you years in procrastinating and thinking you don;t know what you need to do to write your songs.

This Course May Not Be For…

This course is not for people that want someone else to write their songs for them or for people that want a complicated, long and boring music theory lesson. 

If you have already written and released songs then this course is not for you. But the course on learning to play guitar or piano may be something that would help you improve your skills as a musician which would give you a much better scope for your songwriting.

Straight forward and easy to follow I will put this into practice and try some lyrics with your backing track.


Join over 2100 students that have already completed

“How to write a song in 3 days” 

They are now busy writing more and more songs

Improving their songwriting skills 

Achieving the musical goals

And…. drum roll…. Here is the final song you will work through in the course.